ARRI Alexa XT 4:3

The ALEXA XT Plus is the first major step in the evolution of the Alexa camera family. Offering a Super 35 sensor with a switchable Open Gate*, 4:3 and 16:9 active sensor mode. The new XR Module (Xtended Recording), co-developed by Codex, makes it possible to record ARRIRAW in-camera onto XR Capture Drives. Through an adapter you’re still able to record ProRes or DNxHD to more economical Sony SxS Pro Media Cards.

Technical Specs

Codec Mode Resolution Max FPS
16:9 mode
DNxHD HD 1920×1080 120
ProRes HD 1920×108 120
ProRes 2K 2048×1152 60
ProRes 3.2K 3164×1778 30
ARRIRAW 2.8K 2880×1620 120
4:3 mode
ProRes 2K 2048×1536 48
ARRIRAW Cropped 2578×2160 96
ARRIRAW Full 2880×2160 90
Open Gate mode
ARRIRAW OpenGate 3414×2198 75