ARRI 416 Plus S16

The ARRIFLEX 416 is a lightweight modern Super 16 film camera with a 35-style viewfinder and an amazingly low sound level similar to that of the ARRICAM. Its speed is variable from 1 to 75 fps, and its mirror shutter can be manually adjusted from 45 to 180 degrees. A completely new lightweight ergonomic design, integrated electronic accessories and compatibility with the same lenses and accessories used by its 35 mm siblings make the 416 the most powerful, flexible and portable Super 16 camera ever built.

Technical Specs

  • Recording Format: Super 16mm
  • Lens Mount: 54mm PL
  • Frame Rate:1-75 fps
  • Sound Level: below 20 db(A)
  • Temperature range: 4F to 122F (-20C to +50C)
  • Mirror reflex shutter: 180° to 11.2° electronically adjustable180° to 45° manually adjustable
  • Nominal power input: 24 V DC to 32 V DC
  • Weight body with finder, eyepiece, IVS, magazine and film: 12.8 lbs/ 5.8 kg