The ARRI ALEXA PLUS digital camera system is leading the field in digital acquisition as one of the best capture options for cinematography and filmmaking today. Throughout its 90-year history, ARRI has been a groundbreaker in the field of revolutionary design and engineering of cameras for motion picture 16mm, 35mm, and 65mm film. ARRI’s legacy of German engineering has brought a new front to digital camera technology today with the ALEXA PLUS. The ALEXA PLUS system promises a high quality, film-like image with a low noise floor, wide dynamic range, and an edit friendly workflow. As a tool of the modern age it is highly regarded as the closest image to motion picture film ever produced by emerging and master cinematographers.

Technical Specs

  • 14 Stops of exposure latitude
  • 800 ISO base sensitivity
  • In-camera recording to SxS Pro Cards / Log- C / Rec 709 / 2048 x 1152 2K / 1920 x 1080 HD
  • Apple ProRes 422 / (Proxy) / (LT) / (HQ) / Apple ProRes 4444
  • Off-board recording / ARRIRAW / 2048 x 1152 2K
  • High speed license¬†0.75 – 120 fps
  • Complete Look functions;¬†import Looks
  • 16:9 Sensor
  • Lightweight design / 17.6 lbs / 7.0 kg
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