We Are New York City Camera.

New York City Camera is a NYC based motion picture film and television equipment rental company. We offer domestic and international rentals of the latest industry equipment to global clients. NYCC strives to deliver the highest quality rentals at an affordable rate to filmmakers in the contemporary film industry.

Discover NYCC Brooklyn – a newly renovated camera rental facility set inside a 1920’s historic Williamsburg factory offering a real-world testing environment akin to a New York City shooting location.

Large windows with natural light, exposed brick textures, vaulted ceilings, complimented by original 19th century wood features gives you the perfect setting to experiment with your camera and lens choices.

NYCC Brooklyn specializes in vintage spherical and anamorphic lenses, collected and handpicked from all over the world.The NYCC club includes multiple prep bays, state-of-the-art Gecko Cam Autocollimator and Lens Projector, industrial refrigeration for motion picture film stock, and a filmmaker lounge where directors, producers, camera assistants, operators and cinematographers have collaborative workspace. We offer owner / operators and production companies our Gear Consignment Program for storage, easy access for camera check-outs, and monetizing your investments.  Our 6 full-service loading docks make pick up and drop off easy.

New York City Camera Inc has partnered with Available Light of New York. Now you can work directly with NYCC rental agents to package Grip and Electric equipment for your next production all in one order – offering a wide variety of LED, HMI, Tungsten, Beauty, and Special Effects lighting fixtures, along with generators, trucks, and modifiers of all kinds.

For your production managers and producers, our company is a one-stop shop allowing for Camera and Lighting needs.


New York City Camera is determined to deliver exceptional customer service by creating a seamless, stress-free rental process from the moment you send your EQ list to the day you return, and by taking the time to sit down with you and collaboratively develop a process tailored to your specific needs. We value our one-on-one client relationships.